12 March 2012

[AB] at Fashion for life

[AMERICAN BAZAAR] is participating in Fashion for Life event, SL’s longest-running and most successful fashion fair. The 100 % of the earnings of our sales will benefit the American Cancer Society.

Gregory jeans ripped &Tshirt electro in black
95 L

Gina Mama Dress in Black
95 L

Little Azalia Dress in Pink
95 L

[AMERICAN BAZAAR] offers a special item, as a "gacha" in 6 colors. The idea of the "gachas" is to pay a fixed low price and get a random color of the product we are offering. The earnings of this gacha item will also profit 100% the American Cancer Society.

Mix and Match Bikini
In six colors
Only 49L (Each color)

Taxi to the gacha area:

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