AB Bloggers

AMERICAN BAZAAR is looking for talented. professional and serious bloggers who:

1) Are listed in minimum 3 SL feeds
2) Make quality pictures
3) Have NO auto play music
4) Are active since minimum 3 months
5) Love AB clothing!

If you are interested, please click below:

***All AB Bloggers MUST join the AB FlickR group, blog a MINIMUM of 2 items a month and send all their post links to Deannasarusrex Dragovar in a notecard at the end of each month and/or post your links on the Facebook pages.

***If you apply to be a AB blogger, we assume that you like our clothing and WILL BLOG IT. This is NOT a freebie group. All bloggers should be professional and follow our rules. ***

We will contact you if you are accepted!

Thank you ! ♥

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