29 June 2012

AB Sim Opening Festival!

AMERICAN BAZAAR presents it's Sim Opening Festival !

When ? July 1st to 21st, 2012
Where ? On the AB sim (of course!)
AB is planning a small venue on the sim. You will find lots of items in sale from 0L to 75L.The 32 brands in the AB Shopping Mall will participate in this little venue. You can't miss this big event!

1Hundred, AlterEgo, Barbie Bitch, Blah., Blitzed, Blow-Up, BuFu, CandyDoll, Chop Zuey, DivaLicious, Ducknipple, Ema's Secret, Holli Pocket, King For Men, Kim, Loulou&Co, Mon Cheri, N-Creation, NerdMonkey, NV Madworld, Para Design, Primitive Design, Razorblade Jacket, Rock Me Amadeus, Sakide, Sassy, Shadz, Shush, Spirit, Suicidal Unborn, The Bishes, Yopulga.



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