03 February 2012

Feb Hunt Sneak Peeks

We have some new hunts in our store right now, come and check them out, here are the items to be found.  Take the link and come to AMERICAN BAZAAR 

This gorgeous Dress is for the Woman Stuff that is happening right now. Check out the link in the side bar for the website and more Details!

This two peice outfits, comes with a skirt and shirt. This item is for the Jack or Jill hunt. Its going on right now!

Zombie popcorn is at it again and we are taking part, you can find this item in our store right now!

All details about hunts can be found in the side bar under the listing of hunts, that will take you direct to their web pages :D

1 comment:

  1. Hey I am Nikita & I was lucky enough to find these items in the hunts you listed, & I adore them.Thank you so much for great designs! The Sweet Pie looks SO yummy when i wear it & I get a lot of complements on it's sexiness :)


    XOXO NikitaAmo