02 October 2011

ABBH Comments!

We got some really positive feedback send to us, and well frankly it was enough to make us want to gloat so keeping your names private, here are some of your comments, and thank you again for participating in the hunt! DO you see your comment here? hehe

You put on another great hunt, as always! After being involved in your hunts I don't like doing ones put together by others, none compare to the organization and preparation yours have :)

i luv yer hunts :))))) u r in time, kind and helpful. period.
nice sales also :)

I`m very happy with this hunt, it was very good organized, very good help and information about the status of the hunt. Aswell i've got a good trafic in my store (thas was very good, because i'm starting and was perfect), and good sells aswell.
I'm very happy to have been part of this hunt, and i would love to participate in any one that you organize.

Nothing to complain about. The hunt was great and very well organized. Thank you so much for your hard work. XXXXX form Anja and Fabi :)

As always you have organized the hunt very well! I like the infos (the notecards with the numbers), because they are clear, informative and easy to understand. I hope you will organized more hunts and i always will be participate if the theme is fits for furniture. The traffic is fantastic and the customers from the hunt are very nice :-)
Thanks so much miss!!!

Hi, MissQ! :)
I would like to thank you for managing this hunt so well! It was very professional. I had a lot of visitors and I am very happy with it :) I do hope you would be so kind and let me know if you organize another hunts. I would gladly take part at those hunts as well.

nice hunt , nice organisation . good blooger organinsation
thanks for having me in ;)

 Dear missyQ! I really have nothing to complain about. Great organization, no messy missunderstanding, all the notes are clearly put out there, ready on time, bloggers area - brilliant idea! ...So on... And so on...
And I have to add, that this time the hunt is advertised very well. Designers can check all the reviews bloggers post.

I would love to participate in a hunt organized by you anytime.It was well organized .Instructions were clear .Couldn't be any better.

- timely notices and updates so that everyone is reminded to get organized. Very well done, i appreciated this alot!!!
- Blogging very well done
- Blogger area also very well organized. Love that part alot!
- Got all things well in time, and no problems with stupid scripts that get memory filled up fast in hunt items this time, a big relief!
- So overall, very very well done! No need to change this and you can count on me next time around for sure :-)

 I liked the fact that you consolidated all the notes sent on the most recent NC you would send out.  We usually get so many just because of everyday business...  And receiving each note w/ all the previous ncs made sure we didnt miss any ... Very organized... A++

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