31 August 2011

ABBH is started!

Hey! I am very proud to say that my store is still on the grid after 1 fabulous year! Thanks for all my customers and all my friends for the support! :)

So the AMERICAN BAZAAR BIRTHDAY HUNT is started! You can find the stores list and hints HERE!

You can use the group AMERICAN BAZAAR Fashion to chat with others and also to ask help to find the gifts!

A lot of store did not send hint this time. Why? Because some hunters take time to create notecards with the exact locations of the gifts. So we are sorry.. some store will move their gifts every day! :P

Please notice that some stores are not ready so just skip it until we fix it. Thanks for your patience and have fun hunting!

For any question, please contact me and not the stores owner! :)

Enjoy! ♥

missqwerty Pevensey

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